Podcast: The Waiting Area

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How do we perceive time?
And how does the way we perceive it change in an environment such as a hospital?

In our six-part podcast, patients and hospital employees tell their personal stories about a major experience in their life and how time plays a role. Here are three short introductions to some of these special stories:

– What happens to you when you are told at a relatively young age that you have cancer? How does an intensive treatment process change your perception of the past, the present, and the future? Kristel, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30, takes us on her journey.

– What is it like when you are born as a girl but feel more like a boy? How does your life change when you take your fate into your own hands and decide to transition? At 47 years of age, Cor-Jan has decided to take this step and tells about his healthcare ‘waiting experience’.

– How can you help patients get through their time in the hospital as pleasantly as possible? Eva works with children as a nurse and explains how she supports them and their parents when things become really difficult.

The Dutch-language podcast De Wachtruimte (The Waiting Room) is produced by documentary film-maker Chris Rijksen. The interviews were prepared in collaboration with artist Siba Sahabi and psychologist Marcelino Lopez.